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The Force Majeure

  1. Goltikora

    Force majeure translates literally from French as superior force. In English, the term is often used in line with its literal French meaning, but it has other uses as well, including one that has roots in a .
  2. Goll

    Apr 17,  · Force majeure is a French term that literally means "greater force." It is related to the concept of an act of God, an event for which no party can be held accountable, such as a hurricane or a.
  3. Mitilar

    1 day ago · Force majeure is a clause in commercial contracts allowing companies to not fulfill contracts because of event outside their control. "They have objected to this force majeure, we are trying to convince them and hopefully we will work out a solution because as .
  4. Taran

    Force majeure is a legal term denoting an unforeseen, disruptive event that obstructs the fulfillment of a contract. In the film, it is a synonym for avalanche; the contract in question, marriage 94%.
  5. Nikorr

    Apr 14,  · Force majeure provisions employ various standards for relief, ranging from the applicable force majeure event “preventing” performance, on the one hand, to standards that require only that the applicable event have some lesser effect on performance, such as “delaying,” “hindering,” or “adversely affecting” the applicable contractual obligation.
  6. Kazragor

    Mar 19,  · Black’s Law Dictionary explains that a force majeure clause “is meant to protect the parties in the event that a contract cannot be performed due to causes which are outside the control of the parties and could not be avoided by exercise of due care.”.

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