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One For Topsy

  1. Samugor

    Dec 13,  · Something or someone who figuratively grows without control or intention. , Vannevar Bush, As We May Think: They employ a symbolism which grew like Topsy and has little consistency [ ] , J Ryder, Trevayne: Are you implying that it just grew—a Topsy? , John H. Macdonald, The free world, page The town grows like Topsy after the railway.
  2. Zulkizshura

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  3. Shakajind

    'Oh yes, mas'r' said Topsy again, meekly folding her hands, but with another twinkle in her eyes. 'Now cousin, what is this for? Your house is full of these little plagues as it is. I get up in the morning and find one asleep behind the door; see one black head poking out .
  4. Tar

    Apr 28,  · A Warming Arctic Turns Topsy Turvy Clouds obscure Yellowknife and Great Slave Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories. The ABoVE team is studying approximately 4 million square kilometers (more than million square miles) of northwestern North America, spanning from Canada's Hudson Bay to Alaska's Seward Peninsula.

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