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Overboard - Static In Stereo - Static In Stereo (CD, Album)

  1. Dakora

    Feb 15,  · Static In Stereo's live performance of Before My Time on Open Mike with Mike.
  2. Fer

    Apr 04,  · I just got my 05 Prius on Saturday, and its now Monday. I went out to my car to see if I'd left a disc in my stereo and noticed when I turned the stereo on that there was static, even though I was using a CD. I ejected the CD and tested another one, but the static was still present.
  3. Yozshuk

    Feb 03,  · I have static that is in sync with the rpms of my engine through my stereo. It is only through my Tubelink Auto (look it up, they are cool) and not through any other function of the radio.
  4. Grokora

    If you determine that static occurs when you plug in an auxiliary audio source, like your iPod or a satellite radio tuner, and it doesn’t occur when listening to the radio or CD player, then you’re dealing with a ground loop. If that’s the case, you will have to locate the source of the ground loop and fix it, although installing a ground.
  5. Douhn

    Bought a Tahoe with aftermarket DVD player. For the first year or more, DVD played w/o static through an RF tuner. I have static now. Talking to a stereo guy at a party the other day, he said I needed to install SOMETHING I cannont remember. I can do this myself. I don't want to pay the $ another person suggested.
  6. Tojazshura

    Jul 09,  · Find album release information for Static in Stereo - Static in Stereo on AllMusic.
  7. Kidal

    Static noise coming from Stereo mix in recording So i wanted to route sound from my PC directly into skype, teamspeak and discord and i have seen people do this before and the way they usually do it is by switching their default recording device to the stereo mix. But when i do this, i get a static noise that progressively get's louder very.
  8. Mezishakar

    Apr 04,  · There is no static coming from the receiver when I watch a DVD or use the surround sound for the TV. Sometimes, a disc will play fine for a few tracks, but then the static sound starts. I've only had the CD player since the beginning of the year, and the static noise wasn't there originally. Even when the TV is not on, the static sound is there.

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